Oferta pracy: LOreal Poland - Hub Engagament Brand Manager

Oferta pracy: L'Oreal Poland - Hub Engagament Brand Manager

We look for HUB ENGAGEMENT BRNAD MANAGER  who is responsible for building brand image, equity and advocacy within brand strategy across touchpoints i.e., PR, Rating&Reviews portals, social media channels, influencer & media relations, the heart and the energy of the brand with each task, project and relationship he or she develops.

Key Responsibilities

  • Overseeing and leading Advocacy activities (Influencer marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, Rating&Reviews) and Activation & Implementation Plans for Poland and Baltic States.
  • Developing local communities (PL) – brand follower base, influencers, ambassadors program, journalists.
  • Building relations based on trust & proximity with local faces/influencers and journalists (PL).
  • Coordination of press packs to Influencers/Makeup Schools & Media (PL).
  • Social Media handling – content planning (PL).
  • Coordination of brand communication via influencers & social media (PL & BAL).
  • Monitoring, analyzing & synthesizing Influencer & own Social Media Data and providing recommendations (PL & BAL).
  • Lead or/and support brand equity projects – special projects, events etc. (PL & BAL).
  • Implement Performance approach in Advocacy (Influencers) area.
  • Cooperate with Online Brand Manager, Marketing and Customer teams to connect Advocacy, Digital Media and Tech into one ecosystem supporting brand Equity and Business.
  • Cooperate with Trade, Sales and E-comm Teams to keep unified communication within all channels (PL)

You Are The Perfect Match If You

  • Have at least 3 years of experience in Social/Influencer/ Communication/Brand/Digital management gained in a fast-paced environment (preferably FMCG, agency
  • Are working in an international environment and managing complexity is a part of your everyday work.
  • Believe in the potential of digital, influencer, social and have a will to further develop your skills in this field.
  • Are managing influencer budgets and have experience in leading multiple campaigns simultaneously.
  • Have strong leadership skills and strategic thinking.
  • Are proactive and not afraid to challenge the status quo – you want to create trends and directions for category market, not just follow those who exists.
  • Have the sense of beauty and creativity.
  • Have way with words and creating catchy communication
  • Love and want to invent and cocreate new ways of developing the brand
  • Are fluent in English and Polish.
  • Great at relationship building with different stakeholders.

We Offer

  • Attractive benefit package including: sports card, private health care, life insurance, pension package and internal boutique with a discount, product allocations and many more
  • Friendly and dynamic work atmosphere in diverse environment of the market beauty leader - see how working @ L'Oréal looks like HERE
  • Annual bonus system
  • Community engaged in Sports and CSR activities

We are open for candidates with disabilities

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