Oferta pracy: Chanel - Product Manager

Oferta pracy: Chanel - Product Manager

“I want to be part of what comes next.” – Gabrielle Chanel

CHANEL is a private company and a world leader in creating, developing, manufacturing and distributing luxury products. CHANEL offers a broad range of high-end creations in three divisions: Fashion, Watches & Jewelry and Fragrance & Beauty.

Do you strive for excellence and have a special passion for brand management?

We are looking for a Product Manager to join our Fragrance & Beauty team in Poland. On this position you will be responsible for creating a market-defining direction and vision for the brand. You will report to Marketing Manager F&B.


  • Contribute to the 360° planning of our campaigns by working with Marketing Manager, F&B and other departments (Sales, e-commerce, Retail, Visual Merchandising, Media) to define the annual marketing strategy
  • Drive the success of our product launches by being the key point of contact for the campaigns - leading all operational activity and execution of the campaigns in line with global strategy, whilst adapting to local market requirements
  • Capitalize on your strong numerical and creative skills through ongoing tasks including full budget management, product forecasting, working on and presenting business ‘deep-dives’, plus supporting exciting in store ‘theatre’ projects
  • Contribute your own suggestions and project work


  • Several years of relevant experience
  • Showing interest in retail world, its development and the processes behind it
  • Thanks to your "hands-on" mentality, enjoy managing operational issues
  • Organizational skills, structured way of working and proactive approach
  • Team player with positive attitude, flexibility and stress resistance
  • Comfortable with complexity and ambiguity
  • Excellent planning and communication skills
  • Sensitivity to luxury and passion for make-up, fragrances and skincare
  • Fluent communication skills in Polish and English; other languages would be a plus


  • A strong brand in the luxury industry and an attractive working environment
  • A culture where we value passion, respect, humanity, honesty and responsibility
  • A diverse, collaborative and inclusive team
  • Competitive salary and employee benefits: e.g. healthcare, life insurance, cafeteria system, Multisport card and many others
  • Modern workplace and great location, right in the city center of Warsaw

The value of our teams lies in the uniqueness of each individual. CHANEL values diversity in all its forms.

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